​CBD Oil Dosage

Dosing of CBD oil the first week

Day 1: Take 1 drop in the evening

Day 2 – 3: Take 1 drop in the morning and 1 drop in the evening

Day 3 – 4: Take 1-2 drops in the morning and 1-2 drops in the evening

Day 4 – 7: 3 x 2-3 drops daily, can be taken morning/noon/evening, or all drops before going to bed.

After the first week you can make an assessment of whether you get it out of the oil you want or whether you need to increase your dosage. You can increase your dosage by 1 drop per day without any problems until you achieve the desired effect. It is individually how high the dose to be up on daily and therefore very important you feel after and listen to your body’s signals.
Most people notice change during the first 2 weeks, but it may take longer, up to 4-5 weeks.

Allergic reactions to CBD oil

It is never a guarantee that EVERYONE can tolerate CBD oil. As with many other things in everyday life and other natural products and oils, you can also have allergies to the CBD oil. Like pollen from trees and grass, cannabis pollen can create an allergic reaction in a very small constituent of the population.

Side effects when using CBD oil

Most who use CBD oil experience few or no side effects when using CBD oil. When you first start using CBD oil, you may experience some side effects the first few days.

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