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Takeachoice Multi Lotion Jan no. 1 PAIN - 30ml. EN01
  • Takeachoice Multi Lotion Jan no. 1 PAIN - 30ml. EN01

Takeachoice Multi Lotion Jan no. 1 PAIN - 30ml.


Takeachoice Multi Lotion Jan no. 1 PAIN - 30ml.


BODY LOTION - can be applied to the entire body + face, providing a great feeling and well-being.

Can be applied as often as you like.

Comes in practical pump bottle that is air and drip free.
Easy dosing and super hygienic.

THC content below 0.2%
Made in Spain.
Not tested on animals.

Durability min. 12 months

Caution must be exercised when it comes to allergy to the content substances, we disclaim any responsibility for any allergic reactions that may occur in allergy sufferers.

This Lotion is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any diseases or disorders.



Used in the formulation for every possible kind of cosmetic and personal care product, aqua is regarded as a solvent that dissolves most of the ingredients which provide various benefits to the skin such as nourishment, cleansing, healing skin irritations and much more. While making use of water, aqua, purified water or distilled water, in the skincare products, special care has to be taken. Only the water which is free of toxins, microbes and other pollutants is used to make personal care products and cosmetics.


Known for being a rich resource of Vitamin E, cannabis sativa seed oil acts as an excellent natural preservative and antioxidant which protects the skin. Being super moisturizing in nature, the presence of essential fatty acids in this ingredient helps your skin to retain the moisture. Not only is Cannabis sativa seed oil gentle on the skin but it is also almost nonallergic and rarely ever causes any skin reactions.


Friendly for all skin types including the oily skin, glycerine or glycerol helps in the prevention or combating dry skin. Apart from treating skin conditions such as different kinds of infections, wrinkles, fine lines, dryness, and dullness et cetera, glycerine attracts moisture to the skin. While nourishing your skin, it also adds to the cell growth which ultimately helps in the process of skin healing. What’s more, is that glycerine also helps in improving the skin’s resiliency and gives it a youthful look.

OENOTHERA BIENNIS OIL (English name - Primrose Oil)

Rejuvenating and energizing, Primrose Oil is cold pressed from the seeds of the Oenothera biennis plant. With cosmetic and topical uses, Evening Primrose oil nourishes and moisturizes the skin, scalp, and hair while promoting healthy and clear skin with enhanced elasticity. Regular use of this oil keeps the skin hydrated, prevents acne breakout reduces scars, regulates the skin healing process and calms any sort of skin inflammation.

PRUNUS AMYGDALUS DULCIS OIL (English name - Sweet Almond Oil)

Extracted exclusively from edible almonds, the sweet almond oil is popularly used for hair and skin care. Being hypoallergenic in nature, this mild oil is an ideal choice to remove dark circles and suntans. A gentle rub on the skin gets it fully absorbed making it suitable for deep cleansing. It is because of the easy penetration of sweet almond oil deep into our skin that it adds to the softness and cleaning of pores.


Offering an unmatched skin moisturization and leaving a smooth feel post the application, Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate is the perfect emulsifier for all sorts of natural products. The absolute moisturization and soft feel make it an excellent choice for all skin care essentials other products that aim to provide an all - round moisturization. It is because of its interaction with starch and proteins that can help Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate in modifying the texture of a product. This moisture barrier also gives enhanced extended release which keeps you smelling fresh for a longer time.


This cream or white colored wax like solid substance is a self-emulsifying compound which can be commonly found in lotions, makeup base, mascara, powders, hair conditioners, and suntan and sunscreen products. Acting as a lubricant on the surface of the skin, Glyceryl Stearate is responsible for giving your skin a soft, supple and smooth appearance. The presence of Glyceryl Stearate reduces the loss of water from the skin by acting as a barrier hence keeping it hydrated at all times.


This colorless liquid produced naturally by many plants as a mild pleasant aromatic odor. Additionally, Benzyl alcohol is also a minor component in certain essential oils such as Rose, Jasmine, Neroli et cetera. Used as a fragrance component, solvent, preservative, and viscosity decreasing agent, Benzyl alcohol is used as one of the ingredients in makeup and daily skin care essential items. Furthermore, it can also be used as an antibacterial preservative in personal care items and cosmetics to prevent microbial contamination. the most susceptible products include lotions and creams which are packed in jars, applied to the skin with fingers and opened frequently.


Often misunderstood for having the same drying effects as rubbing alcohol on our skin, cetyl alcohol, on the contrary, is our skin’s best friend! With hydrating and conditioning properties which are good for our hair and skin alike, cetyl alcohol is a wonder product that leaves our skin feeling supple. It gives lotions and creams a better spreadability and often thickens the product itself. Derived from vegetable oils such as coconut oil or palm oil, cetyl alcohol is sometimes also referred to as palmityl alcohol.


Tocopherol is not just one compound; it is an amalgam of eight different chemical forms of fat-soluble compounds. In the world of skin care, vitamin E is called tocopherol. With antioxidant properties, tocopherol helps you protect your skin from the damage caused by free radicals, reduces the damage from UV damage on the skin’s surface and provides miraculous anti-aging effects. Applying a lotion or cream with vitamin E in it after sunburn can help in relieving itchy and inflamed skin.


Made up of two words - the prefix ‘phyto’ and ‘cannabinoids’, phytocannabinoids can be defined as the naturally occurring cannabinoids found in hemp and cannabis plants. The main reason why phytocannabinoids are used as an ingredient in the skin care range is because of the way they react with the receptors of cannabinoids. The hemp extracts start working right away as soon as they are absorbed by your skin (almost instantly). Phytocannabinoids help in healing super sensitive skin and inflamed skin conditions such as flaking, dry skin, eczema, acne and more.

HELIANTHUS ANNUUS SEED OIL (English name - sunflower seed oil)

Rich in beta carotene, helianthusannus seed oil or sunflower seed oil acts as a protector against the bacteria that exist in the environment. The topical use of sunflower seed oil helps in keeping the skin hydrated for a longer period of time. Applying the sunflower seed oil on the skin only a few times in a week can help postpone its aging. Particularly beneficial for the dehydrated and dry skin, it boosts the skin’s moisture retention capacity.

ALOE BARBADENSIS LEAF JUICE POWDER (English name - Aloe vera leaf juice powder)

Aloe Barbadensis or more commonly known as aloe vera, this ingredient has been around for several thousands of years and is known for its amazing medical purposes. With an ability to be efficiently used topically due to its burn healing and wound healing effects, aloe vera protects the skin from UV damage. With the presence of aloin in it, it can block up to 30 percent of ultraviolet rays when generously applied to the exposed skin. It also contains a lot of vitamins such as choline, folic acid, A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C and E which are essential to protect the skin from free radicals and eliminate the signs of premature aging.

LAVANDULA ANGUSTIFOLIA EXTRACT (English name - lavender flower extract)

A soothing and scented plant that needs no introduction, lavender can calm the mind and spirit alike. Occurring naturally, the lavender flower has antiseptic properties that can help fight the bacteria causing acne and inflammation. With so many toxins and pollutants in the environment, the skin is exposed to a lot of harmful irritants on a daily basis. Lavender can come handy when you are looking for something to detoxify your skin with.


While all the other ingredients simply add to your fight against acne, Salicylic Acid is the most effective one. This chemical exfoliant does not just reduce the size of the existing blackheads and pimples but it also keeps a check on preventing the new ones from forming. Salicylic acid reduces the number of skin cells within the pores which prevents new pimples from rising. This excellent compound penetrates deep into your skin, and it also softens it while removing the layer of dead skin cells on the top of the skin which ultimately adds to the smoothness of your skin texture and gives you a visibly brighter complexion.


Acting as a preservative in lotions, creams, makeup products and more, sorbic acid is a free-flowing white crystalline powder. Occurring as a white crystalline powder, granules or pellets, in its natural form, sorbic acid is mainly used to formulate the eye makeup, skin care, facial and hair products. The presence of sorbic acid prevents the growth and reproduction of microorganisms by giving personal care products protection against any kind of spoilage due to the bacteria and pollutants found in the environment.

SALVIA SCLAREA OIL (English name - Clary sage oil)

Also known as clary sage oil, Salvia Sclarea is one of the most commonly used ingredients and products used due to its sebum production regulation property, acting as a mild astringent with its toning qualities, and reduces inflammation associated with acne.

Besides the aforementioned benefits, salvia sclarea which is native to the Northern side of the Mediterranean basin is also known for lowering the blood pressure and keeping a check on anxiety. It is worth noting that it is used as an antidepressant, has antibacterial effects, provides relief from stress, and is known for regulating digestion and much more.

Takeachoice Multi Lotion Jan no. 1 PAIN - 30ml.

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Takeachoice Multi Lotion Jan no. 1 PAIN - 30ml.

Takeachoice Multi Lotion Jan no. 1 PAIN - 30ml.

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