VitaZymes TRX

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Inspired by Nobel Prize-winning research at leading American universities, TRX is made on the basis of two plant extracts, each of which in its own way can prevent premature aging and support good health. By activating genes that – when active – can delay the physical aging process, create the basis for a longer life in good health.

Specifically, the plant substances improve the body’s ability to repair damaged DNA, thereby improving the quality of new cells.

They can also help keep the heart, blood vessels and brain cells healthy and well-functioning, just as the metabolism is improved. Many who have taken TRX have been able to observe a reduction in their biological age, which is a measure of how healthy and well-functioning the body is.

The term ‘aging’ is used instead of ‘aging’ because the latter indicates that one’s age determines how old one’s body is – how biologically old one is. The point is that the latest research shows that the two things just do not have to be related, as with plant substances such as those used in TRX, for example, one can counteract aging – bodily decay, that one’s biological and physical age are not followed .

TRX contains both plant extract and material from the whole plant or the parts of it from which the extract is extracted. This ensures the full benefit of the plant – the benefits of the raw, whole plant or plant part as well as the active principle in the form of the plant extract.

VitaZymes‘ herbal preparations are made using the best available raw materials and production methods.