FAQ about CBD and Healthy living


- Do you have your own questions and need to know more about CBD, supplements, how to take care of your mind and body?

- Wanted to ask for support and didn't know who are where to ask?

- Have you ever tried to do a CBD detox? 

We are here to help you with all these questions, to offer you guidance, to direct you to the correct source of information.


Introducing your body to CBD oil can help in lowering some of the most common health ailments such as inflammation, chronic pain, anxiety and sleep disorders.

What is CBD?

CBD is the name of a cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. CBD is actually an abbreviation for Cannabidiol.

The cannabis plant contains more than 60 different cannabinoids, and CBD is just one of them. CBD is a chemical combination obtained from the cannabis plant.

CBD is not psycho-active and therefore, you will not get high.

What is CBDa?

CBDa is the initial acid-based stage of CBD.

This means that when fresh hemp plants are harvested, they mostly contain CBDa and only a little CBD.

Not until the drying and heating process, CBDa is converted to CBD (Cannabidiol).

What is THC?

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the most frequently occurring cannabinoid in the hemp plant.

THC has a psycho-active effect and is the main substance in cannabis making us high.

Furthermore, it helps many people handling pains better and many stories and studies all over the world indicate that THC has a positive influence on the struggle against cancer.

What is THCa?

THCa is the natural initial stage of THC.

In the initial stage when fresh hemp plants are harvested, they mostly contain THCa and only a little THC.

Not until the drying and heating process (decarboxylation), THCa is converted to THC.

Differences: THC and CBD

The two most common and well-known cannabinoids are THC  and CBD.

These are to completely different substances having a different effect on the body, however both found in the cannabis plant. First and foremost, THC has a psychedelic effect, which CBD does not have.

They are different in some essential ways, hence given different potential advantages.

Do the CBD oils from Cannamor contain THC?

All of our products contain less than 0.2 percentage THC.
Unfortunately, we are not able to help when searching oils with a high content of THC.